Information for 3+1 transverse lattice: glueballs

This page contains our most important results for the glueball spectra and wavefuntions.

Scaling Trajectory (1999 results).

Scans of parameter space

Well, these are not really scans, but chi^2 minimized on two dimensional slices through parameter space. To minimize computational effort, we are using the "small basis" and starting with just one mass value, m^2=0.3249.


Calculate structure functions and transverse distributions for the best fit datum above, ttraj31.out. The results are struct35.out. Plots of the gluon momentum distributions for the

Winding potential

Couplings from the best fit datum above, ttraj31.out. The results are wind35.out with plots of the o=even,wind35.even.eps, and o=odd, wind35.odd.eps, states. The colors are: transverse reflection means a reflection in the transverse plane and perpendicular to the string.

Longitudinal potential

First are some results for a basis with somewhat smaller K and more particles: Now, we look at the lowest eigenstate in greater detail (many values of K, K_max, and p used) along with the eigenvalues used for the extrapolation (in Mathematica format): The format for the list of eigenvalues is: {-K,p-truncation,K_max,Eigenvalue}.