Brett van de Sande


Education Research

Classes I taught at Geneva College

Introductory physics homework assignments I developed.

Fall semester:

Spring semester: Also, I maintained the Introductory physics lab

The transverse lattice approach to QCD

The theory of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) describes the behavior of quarks and gluons.  In collaboration with Simon Dalley, I have been working the transverse lattice, a Hamiltonian approach to QCD.  See a list of publications from SLAC Spires.  We have studied the Lorentz group on the transverse lattice.  One can view our results for

a poorly documented collection of the associated computer code.

Portions of this research was supported by Geneva College, a Cottrell College Science Award, and NSF grant PHY-0200060.

Parallel computing & Linux

The computing work is motivated mainly by our transverse lattice research. 

Math routines


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