PHY 495, Quantum Mechanics II
Spring semester, 2002

Lecture Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:05-10:00 in SE 227

Instructor Brett van de Sande,

Office hours By appointment; send me an E-mail if you can't find me.

Textbook Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, by David J. Griffiths

Final exam 20%
Homeworks 80%
No homeworks will be accepted after the last day of classes.

This is a continuation of the Introduction to Quantum Mechanics course. After a brief review, starting with the three-dimensional operator, we will study the topics:

This course will be conducted as a semi-independent study. Class time will consist of a mixture of informal lecture and working as a group on homework problems.

The main purpose of the final exam in this course is to see whether you took good class notes and that you understand them. You may use your class notes and your homework solutions while taking the exam.