MAT 405, Differential Equations
Spring Semester, 2004

Credits: 4

Prerequisite: MAT 162

Lecture: in SE 312B

Instructor: Brett van de Sande

Text: Blanchard, Devaney, and Hall, Differential Equations. See also the Boston University ordinary differential equations project.


Homeworks 40%
Test 1 12%
Test 2 12%
Test 3 12%
Final exam 24%

Methods of solution and application of ordinary differential equations.

Here are some general rules for your homework:

The final exam will be open-notebook. The main purpose of the final exam is to see if you have taken good class notes and to see how well you understood the various topics presented in lecture.  The main purpose of the midterms, however, is to see if you understand the homeworks.  The midterms may be closed-book, closed-notes.

I encourage students to work together on the homework problems.  It is often helpful to discuss with others how a problem should be solved. However, when you write down the solution to be handed in, it should be in your own words.  Don't hand in something that you have copied or that you do not understand. 

Other differential equations courses: A list of general resources from MathArchives. The textbooks are all the standard price $120, used $50.  Whatever the market will bear...