MAT 308, Abstract Algebra
Spring semester, 2003

Lecture Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 13:50-14:45 in Old Main 021

InstructorBrett van de Sande,

Office hours By appointment; send me an E-mail if you can't find me.

Textbook Abstract Algebra, by Dan Saracino.

Final exam 20%
Homeworks 80%
No homeworks will be accepted after the last day of classes.

Students will be responsible for the material presented in the lecture along with reading assignments from the textbook. In this class, we will emphasize good proof-writing technique. Good proof is developed through practice, id est by doing lots of homework problems.

The main purpose of the final exam in this course is to see whether you took good class notes and that you understand them. You may use your class notes and your homework solutions while taking the exam.

I encourage students to work together on the homework problems. It is often helpful to discuss with others how a problem should be solved. However, when you write down the solution to be handed in, it should be in your own words. Don't hand in something that you have copied or that you do not understand.