MAT 120, Precalculus Mathematics
Fall Semester, 2003

Credits: 3

Lecture: in SE 317

Instructor: Brett van de Sande

Text: College Algebra and Trigonometry or Precalculus, 3rd Edition, by Mark Dugopolski.


Homeworks 22%
Test 1 13%
Test 2 13%
Test 3 13%
Test 4 13%
Final exam 26%

This course is a fast-paced tour of many topics in Algebra and Trigonometry. It is very important that students do not fall behind. If you find yourself falling behind, ask the instructor for extra help.

Here are some general rules for your homework:

The exams will include a few definitions et cetera but will strongly emphasize the homework problems. If you master the homework problems, then you should do well on the exams.

I encourage students to work together on the homework problems. It is often helpful to discuss with others how a problem should be solved. However, when you write down the solution to be handed in, it should be in your own words. Don't hand in something that you have copied or that you do not understand. If you find yourself in a situation that is questionable, write down what you did on your homework. For example:

"I got lots of help from John Smith doing problem 3; although I didn't copy, I still don't understand the solution."
"My dorm burned to the ground yesterday and I lost everything. I then copied Joe Smoke Alarm's homework verbatim; I have no idea what the questions were, let alone the answers."

Study sheet for Test 3.