MAT 095, Algebra
Autumn 2002

Lecture:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:05-10:00 in MB 023.

Instructor:  Brett van de Sande,

Teaching Assistant:  Michelle Witmer,

Textbook:  Jerome E. Kaufmann, and Karen Schwitters, Algebra for College Students, Sixth Edition.  Brooks/Cole, publishers.

Course web page:


6 Tests 60%
Homeworks/quizzes 20%
Final exam 20%
Note: On all exams, quizzes, and homework, you will be expected to show all necessary work to receive full credit for an answer.

Attendance:  If you will miss a test, you must arrange a make-up time beforehand by consulting the instructor. If you miss a test due to illness, you must provide a written excuse from a doctor or the infirmary. There will be no make-ups scheduled for missed quizzes.

See the student handbook for policies concerning discipline and students with disabilities.